Are You the Romantic Type?

Are You the Romantic Type?

15 Feb 2017

Let your inner romance diva soar, not only are our hearts still a flutter with the aftermath of Valentine’s Day but with the trend of romantic interiors. Choosing the right furniture can turn a simple room into a cosy haven.

The romantic design is all about appealing to the senses and creating a space that is warm, welcoming and timeless.

To create the romantic ambiance in your home, keep your colour palette to soft muted tones such as whites, dusky pinks and muted greys that are calming to the eyes. When choosing your furniture the most important element is choosing graceful curves, floral patterns can add 

Your interior accents are what makes the romantic trend really pop, think subtle sparkles, crystals and silver tones – accessories that show femininity, floral arrangements and polished accents, when incorporating textiles into your accessories use soft and subtle fabrics which are rich in texture to create a warm and cosy feel.

Invigorate your senses, dress your home in white candles and floral arrangements. Make use of a plush sofa and feminine accessories to give the ultimate warm space with timeless refinement. When it comes to lighting a soft and sparkling chandelier can create a romantic glow.


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