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A Pale Green Winter

Cineraria Eucalyptus Spray

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Green Single Ranunculus

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White Ranunculus Spray

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Green Ranunculus Spray

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Green Berry Spray

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Metallic Ceramic Tapered Vase

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A Pale Green Winter

Add a subtle touch of green to your home this winter with our principle recipe. This floral arrangement is a simple, classic but effortlessly beautiful arrangement of eucalyptus, green berries and various ranunculus stems set in a hammered silver vase. The dark green eucalyptus brings a hint of the approaching winter season and the berries add a festive touch.


Fill the vase with your eucalyptus first creating a nest for the blooms. The eucalyptus has been kept uniform in this arrangement and have been cut to the same length. Add the berries to the outside of the vase and then place your blooms evenly within the foliage

The ingredients to this arrangement are:

18 x Cineraria Eucalyptus Spray (18954)

4 x White Ranunculus Spray (18941)

4 x Green Single Ranunculus (18925)

4 x Green Ranunculus Spray (18940)

4 x Green Berry Spray (19069) 

Vase: 1 x Metallic Ceramic Tapered Vase (19392)