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Bellini Bubbles

Classic White Peony

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Butter Portland Rose

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Autumn Cream Alstroemeria Lily Spray

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Medium Peach Spray Rose

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Pink Fashion Peony

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Peach Camellia

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Garda Glazed Large Regola Vase

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Bellini Bubbles

The inspiration for this month’s arrangement came from a long- awaited trip to a favourite cocktail bar. The sun shone and the most summery and simple of cocktails jumped off a very tantalising menu: the Bellini. Being so simple, its deliciousness relies entirely on the quality of its ingredients, which is something we can certainly relate to at The Recipe where ‘ingredient’ quality is always paramount. We hope you enjoy this frothy, peach treat. A joy to ‘research’ and prepare in all its bubbly glory.


  • 3 x Classic White Peony (20208)
  • 4 x Butter Portland Rose (20530)
  • 3 x Autumn Cream Alstroemeria Lily Spray (19555)
  • 3 x Medium Peach Spray Rose (20426)
  • 3 x Yellow Fashion Peony (19033)
  • 3 x Peach Camellia (20908)
  • 1 x Garda Glazed Large Regola Vase (20863) ~ Re-stocking August.


The beauty of some of our spray stems is that they work perfectly as a starting structure for an arrangement. We like to start this one as a hand tie and start grouping together before placing in the vase. Space the largest blooms within your network of spray flowers to provide pleasing variety from all angles. They will all look different, but uniquely so in your own style.