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Dawn's Dance - November Floral Arrangement

Single Autumn Fern Stem

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Brown Hypericum Berry Spray

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Autumn Cream Alstroemeria Lily Spray

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Chocolate Alstroemeria Lily Spray

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Pink Fashion Peony

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Metallic Dipped Large Planter

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Single Brown Fern Leaf

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Silver Bell Autumn Eucalyptus

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Purple Tulip

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Autumn Peach Silk Garden Rose

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Dawn's Dance - November Floral Arrangement

I say it every year, but Autumn is, and always has been, my absolute favourite season. I love nothing more than the crunch of leaves underfoot, your breath, cool in front of your face and the pinch of frost in your cheeks. I also love big jumpers and socks and the feel of feet in boots after the months of flip flops.

From a floral point of view, it is wonderful, the change in season gives us a riot of colours across the spectrum, you are utterly spoilt for choice. I had initially planned woody, black themed artificial flowers this month to move away from the traditional oranges and browns. However, once again fate stepped in. On Wednesday I was up and out at 5am en-route to Stirling to see a supplier. I crossed the border at dawn and as the sun began to rise, I entered the Lanarkshire hills. It was simply glorious. Orange, yellow, brown, peach, green, amber all appearing out of the gloomy morning and I thought I have to try and capture that! Hopefully I have.

The ingredients to this arrangement are:

2 x 19849 Single Autumn Fern Stem

2 x 19848 Single Green Fern Leaf

1 x 19057 Forsythia

4 x 19577 Silver Bell Autumn Eucalyptus

2 x 19561 Brown Hypericum Berry Spray

1 x 20124 Autumn Peach Silk Garden Rose

3 x 20113 Purple Tulip

1 x 19555 Autumn Cream Alstroemeria Lily Spray

3 x 19556 Chocolate Alstroemeria Lily Spray

1 x 19033 Yellow Fashion Peony

1 x 19416 Metallic Dipped Large Planter (Vase)

1 x Ball of Chicken Wire     


Chicken wire is a fantastic, environmentally friendly, way of creating a nest at the bottom of your vase to help position stems as you build your arrangement. Depending on how much structure you want you can create a tight or loose ball.

I began building with the fern stems, using longer at the back, and shorter at the front. I cut some of the fern fronds to create a shorter stem overall. I also screwed them up to create a wilder look.

Add the three stems of autumn eucalyptus and you will quickly see your ‘nest’ forming as these are quite leafy items. Twist and separate the forsythia and add off centre. Then add in the hypericum. I remove the leaves from these to remove the green element. You can now begin to add the flowers, creating height at the back and using shorter stems at the front. Again, I remove the leaves from all the flowers. Twist and bend the stems to create natural movement.