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Festive Berries & Blooms

Tall Eucalyptus Stem

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Haw Apple Spray

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Deep Red Wedding Peony Rose Spray

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Pine & Cone Spray

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Red Romance Rose

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Red Ranunculus Spray

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Aged Stone Ceramic Vase

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Festive Berries & Blooms

Our recipe for December is an indulgent blend of all things Christmas: deep red luscious blooms, pine cone sprays, and wild berries. The aim is to evoke a crisp wander through the woods on Christmas morning, so this arrangement has been left totally unstructured, as if you’d gathered these by hand and simply placed in a vase. 


This is a forward facing arrangement for placing on a sideboard, or mantle. Begin by arranging the pine branches to the left, right and centre back. Then between these add the eucalyptus stems, taller at the back and cut down at the front. Once the greenery is in place, you can then position your berry stems at various angles. Place shorted stem roses and ranunculus in the centre front with long stems spraying out to the side. This is a very loose arrangement so you have lots of room for flexibility in how you position your flowers. Alternatively there are enough flowers here to create a table centrepiece and arrange to suit.


5 x 19017 Tall Eucalyptus Stem

4 x 19593 Haw Apple Spray

3 x 19018 Deep Red Wedding Peony Rose Spray

3 x 19586 Pine & Cone Spray

2 x 16605 Red Romance Rose

2 x 18942 Red Ranunculus Spray

Vase: 19417 - Aged Stone Ceramic Vase