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Industrial Chic

Emerald Velvet Low Backed Studded Armchair

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The Deanery Collection Two Drawer Bookcase

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Compass Clock Side Table

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Antique Bronze Round Mirror With Patina Effect

Out of stock | Item Code: BI18378

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Copper Industrial Lamp With Stone Base

In soon | Item Code: BI19503


We do strongly recommend pre-ordering this product as it is an extremely popular item of which we regularly sell out. We anticipate our stock to arrive with us on 26/01/2022 however this is subject to change. Should the expected delivery date change we will endeavour to contact you.

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Edison Filament Teardrop Squirrel Cage Bulb

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Dog Book Ends

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Vintage Shoe Stretcher Ornament

Out of stock | Item Code: BI19229

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Potted Cacti and Succulent

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Sitting British Bulldog In Antique Bronze

Out of stock | Item Code: BI18419

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Standing British Bulldog In Antique Bronze

Out of stock | Item Code: BI18420

Now £9.60 - Was £13.95

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Industrial Chic

A combination of organic textures teamed with contemporary accessories creates the underlying basis for this cosy corner full of industrial style. A chic twist has been given to a bold look, this has been done by introducing a luxury seating feature along with a contemporary light and a collection of charming accessories.