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Nouvelle Carnation

Single Brown Fern Leaf

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Branch Spray

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Pussy Willow Branch

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Pale Pink Carnation

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White With Grey Detail Large Cylindrical Ceramic Vase

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White Silk Garden Rose

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Nouvelle Carnation

I heard on the grapevine recently that the widely considered fuddy duddy Carnation was back on the wedding scene and to expect it in the 2020 bride's must have repertoire. And to be honest I wasn’t surprised because they are virtually indestructible and therefore absolutely perfect for the ever impressive installations. 

Looking for inspiration for the January recipe I stumbled across the fact that the carnation is in fact the flower for January and so it seemed as though once again the floral choice for next months recipe had presented itself.

I have chosen a less indulgent display for January, because after the excesses of the festive period it’s often nice to clear the clutter away and start the new year with a clean deck. Not least the lesser content will be a welcome nod to our straining purse strings.

The ingredients to this arrangement are:

1 x Single Brown Fern
2 x Branch Spray
1 x Pussy Willow Spray
2 x White Silk Garden Rose
5 x Pale Pink Carnation
1 x White Vase



For this very simple arrangement, I’ve just cut all my items at various lengths and let them sit as they fall.