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Serendipitous Spray - October Floral Arrangement

Aged Stone Ceramic Vase

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Eucalyptus Cinerea

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Grey Spray Rose Peony

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Deep Purple Wedding Peony Rose Spray

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Serendipitous Spray - October Floral Arrangement

Sometimes things just accidentally work... We have just done a marathon run of tradeshows across the country, we’re all exhausted, and coming back to set up the showroom is nobody’s favourite job. There is a LOT of product to unload, unwrap and then find a home for. For me, in the flower room, that’s a lot of artificial flowers to put in vases for the sixth time in half as many weeks. And it’s chaos! But I always do what my mother told me (usually as a child and being chastised for not tidying my room), start in one corner and keep going. Somewhere between a sea of flowers scattered on every surface, and the finished room, there is a lot of umming and ahhhing about which colours to work together, things get put in a temporary space and then moved again. And this month’s recipe is nothing more than simply a happy accident of these three items sitting on a bench together unplanned, yet somehow working really well. I had planned an elaborate flaming orange autumnal extravaganza, but in the end I just totally fell in love with the simplicity of this colour scheme. The muted grey roses in stark contrast to the deep heady purple climbing around a ton of greenery. I’m pleased with it, I hope you are too.


The ingredients to this arrangement are:

9 x  Deep Purple Wedding Peony Rose Spray (19065)

4 x Grey Spray Rose Peony (19050)

5 x Cineraria Spray (19052)

1 x Aged Stone Ceramic Vase (19417) 



There is lots of bending in this arrangement, and using the flowers as they come and also by ruffling their petals. Using a shorter vase with long stemmed eucalyptus means you can bend the stems two or three times and create a criss-cross nest within the vase which allows you to position the flowers.

Each of the purple stems, I wound around my hand as if I were coiling a rope, this gave the stems a wild look as if they were growing out of the vase. I did the same thing with the grey ones.

On some of the flowers, I pulled back the petals to make the flowers look as though they were almost blown, but not quite.