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True Love’s Bloom - February Floral Arrangement

Deep Red Rose

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Cream Closed Rose Bud

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Eucalyptus Filler

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Burgundy Peony Rose

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Deep Red Wedding Peony Rose Spray

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True Love’s Bloom - February Floral Arrangement

This year it seems many of us are leaping on calendar occasions with extra enthusiasm, limited as we are in what we can do. We’re also appreciating all that we have, including our relationships, and looking forward to a return to freedoms we previously took for granted. The artificial flowers within this arrangement represent for us buds of hope, bursting into blooming marvelous great times to come. …What’s not to love about those sentiments?!

3 x Deep Red Wedding Peony Rose 19018
3 x Burgundy Peony Rose 19739
5 x Cerise Tea Rose  20489
9 x Cream Closed Rose Bud 20529
2 x Eucalyptus Filler 20219


Start by grouping your closed rose buds into groups of three on your work surface (this will make them easier to pick up as you build your bouquet). Pick up one of each coloured peony and the red rose, followed by a group of three rose buds. Repeat twice more spacing the 3 x groups of rose buds with an additional red rose at the centre. Add a final red rose to give a pleasing rounded shape to your arrangement and then place your eucalyptus stems to one side before hand-tying everything together with a long length of ribbon.