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We offer a huge range of ceramic lamps drawing inspiration from both classic and modern designs.

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Fiore Table Lamp

Fiore Table Lamp

RRP £144.95

When you’re searching for the right table lamp to add to your living room, hall, study, bedroom or dining room, it can be a difficult choice. You want something that will be both functional yet aesthetically pleasing. When it’s switched off, it should look ornamental and not stand out too much amongst the rest of the furniture, and when switched on it should cast only the light you need and not dominate the room.Baytree Interiors' collection of ceramic lamps combines exquisitely intricate detail with timeless appeal. Some dramatic patterns on bases are inspired by ancient Greek and Egyptian styles and colours but we also draw inspiration from more contemporary Chinese ceramics with their popular blue and white designs.

Each lamp comes with a sympathetically styled coloured shade and most have inline switches and euro adaptors.Check out what we have. You'll be glad you did, and we'll be glad to take your order using our secure processes.