A Vibrant Autumn

As Autumn unfolds and the colours are at their most fiery vibrancy this beautiful little brass urn of orange and rusts adds a perfect pop of seasonal inspiration.

With the muted metals, this brass urn is great for creating a small arrangement and complements this colour palette beautifully. Whilst this would sit perfectly in a home, it’s also absolutely perfect as a gift item, or for a seasonal table, even wedding?


To keep the flowers secure you can use a cut slice of dry oasis in the urn, by using a loosely packed ball of chicken wire, or by taping a grid system with pot tape across the top of the urn.

Think about height and texture when placing your stems to create interest. This arrangement uses 1 stem of eucalyptus, but this has been cut down into workable pieces, likewise with the berries and the buds on the flowers

The ingredients to this arrangement are:

1 x Tall Eucalyptus Spray (19017)

2 x Yellow Fashion Peony (19033) 

2 x Cerise Autumn Chrysanthamum (18924)

1 x Peach Garden Rose (18926)

Vase: 1 x Small Aged Bronze Goblet (19269) 

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