Berries & Blooms

Whilst green and white is the classic pairing, this time of year also needs to feel richer, warmer, more woody, an off-white chrysanthemum has been used, with a woody stemmed variation of eucalyptus alongside brown berries.

Sometimes you just need a large, imposing vase of flowers. Neutrals can be carried across anywhere whether it's at home, events or in shops, this particular range has been set off in a bronze dipped vase to embrace the bare wood, back to nature, sheer  ‘browness’ of the season.


A lot of greenery can be used to create a nest for the blooms and berries. Cut your stems to a suitable length, some longer, some shorter so that they are not all uniform. Once you have a nest place your blooms in and amongst. Don’t crowd the flowers, cut to different lengths so they don’t all sit in a circle. Within this, place your berries for that final injection of texture.

The ingredients to this arrangement are:

8 x Large White Chrystanthamum (18964)

14 x Tall Eucalyptus Stem (19017) 

6 x Brown Berry Spray (19070) 

Vase: 1 x Metallic Dipped Large Vase (19415) 

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