Shabby Chic

'Shabby' and 'quality' may seem to be mutually exclusive but in our terms they are definitely not. The concept of 'shabby chic' is at the core of Baytree Interiors and runs through a wide range of our products.

At first sight, ‘shabby chic’ seems a contradiction in terms. How can something be shabby yet chic at the same time? If you buy good quality products, then the likelihood is they will last a long time. And if they do, then a certain amount of superficial damage is inevitable. By buying into shabby chic, you are demonstrating your insouciance to outward appearance and a commitment to inherent quality. That is to say, you are demonstrating your innate good taste. And that’s why shabby chic products are at the core of Baytree Interiors’ product range for you, our discerning customers.  Not only that, but the concept of shabby chic is versatile enough to extend to any number of different categories of product. Furniture is obviously central to this, but check out how shabby chic manifests itself in our ranges of accessories, wall art and bedroom furnishings.  And the final twist is that we provide the essence of shabby chic at very competitive prices. So, win win.