Mirrored Furniture

For those looking to bring a sense of glamour or to add more natural light to their interiors, then mirrored furniture is the ideal option. Natural light enters the room and bounces off the mirrors, illuminating all corners of the room at no extra cost.

Clean lines and simple beauty, mirrored furniture brings a beautiful elegance to your home.

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How to Style Your Mirrored Furniture


Living Room

Living rooms often play host to more than their fair share of furniture, thanks to our (slightly irrational) desire to ensure that everyone can be seated comfortably, even if the whole family decides to descend at once! They’re also where we’ll usually give pride of place to our favourite home furnishings and wall art. In short, there can end up being a lot going on and no obvious contenders to cull when looking to create more space. 

Enter, mirrored furniture. Its reflective qualities add not only light but also the illusion of space too. Try swapping a light-sapping item of dark furniture for a new mirrored piece and stand back and marvel at how you’ve managed to retain the same storage/functionality whilst making your room look much larger. It’s design magic, and so on on-trend too! 



Entrance halls in most homes are small spaces, and it can be a bit of a challenge selecting the right hall furniture and accessories to bring things to life. Mirrored furniture provides the perfect entranceway solution thanks to its light reflecting properties which give the illusion of extra space and a real wow-factor to boot! 

Try pairing a slimline console or half-moon table with a matching mirror to create a beautifully co-ordinated look that will extract compliments from literally every visitor you invite over your threshold. Our bevelled mirrors are the perfect pairing for mirrored tables. Shop our mirrors range here





It can be hard to justify a whole new suite of bedroom furniture. Afterall, the bedroom is not a room that’s constantly on show and that comfy bed is just too comfy to lose, right?! If you want to ring the changes in your boudoir without breaking the bank then try adding one or two items of mirrored furniture. Its incredible ability to slide right in with just about any décor scheme make it an ideal go-to when looking for a quick update rather than a complete furniture overhaul.

Mirrored dressing tables or side-tables can be a great place to start your foray into the world of mirrored furniture (disclaimer: it can become quite addictive). They make a space feel both glamourous and welcoming and contribute equally well to a bright airy vibe as a darker, dramatic one. 

This guide is written and maintined by our interior design specialist Kirsty McDowell and was last updated on 26/09/19.