Wall Art

Who wants to stare at blank walls all day? Our collection of wall art decor has everything you need to brighten up your space, with framed prints and more sourced from our favourite artists. Whether you’re looking for atmospheric landscape prints, hand painted acrylics or our quirky wall plaques there’s something to suit all styles of home.

There are very few minimalists among us as blank walls are not most people’s thing! The vast majority of us prefer to add personalised touches to our home, as they allow us to display our individuality and add style and distinction to our living space. That’s why Baytree Interiors offer a huge range of wall art of every conceivable sort. Canvas wall art, metal, oils, watercolours, wooden plaques, serious, retro, modern or humorous; you name it, we’ve got it. Stuff to make you laugh, stuff to make you think and, finally, stuff to just enjoy.

Browse through our wonderful collection of home wall decor and framed prints and you’ll find items suitable for every room in the house, from the loo to the living room. Then place your order using our secure processes.